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October 24, 2007 / dranaxum

Some software development tips (basics)

I’ll try to be brief.


When you decide to write a commercial software you must keep it mind these tips:

1. Develop a software that will be useful to a community. Make brainstormings with various people.

2. Don’t try to “reinvent the wheel”. If you do this, try to make “a better wheel”.

3. If you work in a team. Decide with the team what programming language/platform you will use to make it easier for all of you.

4. Do you have a deadline? Make yourself a little daily program and note your priorities. This way you will have more chances to finish a task before the deadline.

5. Do not stop if the task you’ve chosen/received must make you learn something new. Learn that “new thing”! It will surely help you in the future.

6. Try to “develop yourself” while you develop projects. Choose bigger and bigger topics for projects.

7. After finishing the task stay “connected” to it for some time, add more options, make the project bigger.

8. Don’t be scared if you’re project makes you work on it several months, it is normal for a software project.



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  1. ummoid27 / Nov 29 2007 7:07 pm

    These tips are classics.

  2. dranaxum / Nov 29 2007 7:09 pm

    Classic tips but important tips…

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