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November 10, 2008 / dranaxum

BrainIT National Competition


I have been busy in the last half of the year forming a team of software developers named Braincode (the website hasn’t been finished yet). Our first project is based on education and encourages every Romanian student who develops software or web application to participate in it.

The BrainIT competition (motto: it’s all about imagination) takes part online (we hope that the next edition will take part in a city). You will have to register by 1st of December and add a description of your project. The sending of projects will be between 2nd and 15th of December. Then, we will start the assessment and give the results on 25th of December (for some of you it will be a very happy Christmas).

The website can be accessed here: (if you don’t understand Romanian, you can use Google Translate to view the translated version). You will find there the Criteria, the Schedule, the Awards and so on.

Gook Luck!

PS: Please read the terms and conditions before registering!

Braincode offers you waranty that no member of it will use in any way your projects or ideas.


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