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January 23, 2009 / dranaxum

Braincode: Personalized Mass Mailer

As I promised, I am keeping you in touch with Braincode.
We created a new section (Brainshare) where we will put our work which does not have the same level of complexity as the work in the Products section.

The first program posted here, which I developed by the way, is named Personalized Mass Mailer and it’s built in C#. Here is the description:

Personalized Mass Mailer

Personalized Mass Mailer (PMM for short) is a software created with the purpose of one being able to send e-mails, personalized, to many people, without being needed to write to each and every one. In other words: although e-mail services offer one the option to send the same e-mail to various people at once, it doesn’t offer one the option to make it personalized, without the person to see all the addresses one has added to the CC or TO field but, PMM does all of this and more.

Main features:

  • Regular expressions so one can benefit from the full experience of e-mail personalization (see the readme file for more information on how to use it)
  • Add attachment files
  • SSL secure connection
  • HTML e-mail
  • Real-time status visualization of the e-mails which are to be sent.
  • Connect and sign in on the SMTP and test the connection (this is compulsory if one wants to send e-mails)

Note: Add a ; after each written e-mail in the Address textbox!

Download link:
Click here to download Personalized Mass Mailer

Please report any bug encountered!

Later edit: Download link updated. Braincode website is down.


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  1. Razzor / May 5 2009 6:32 pm

    “…without the person to see all the addresses one has added to the CC or TO field but…”
    Google has BCC.In fact, many e-mail providers have bcc.
    Even if you have a yahoo accout on outlook you will have the BCC field.
    BCC=blind carbon copy and it means that the person in this field can’t see the adresses written in the BCC or TO field.(or something like that…)
    BUT HEY! Heads up!I didn’t managed to do something like this! (yet..) So then congrats! (nice blog)

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