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June 20, 2009 / dranaxum

Training for Olympiad in Informatics

Hy there!! I had some problems with my ISP and because of this wordpress blogs would not load correctly and so I was deprived of writing here.

What’s up?

Some members of Hackpedia and I are working hard to launch by Monday, 22nd of June 2009, a section on the Hackpedia community entitled: Training for Olympiad in Informatics.

More details please..?

This project started in March 2009. Being one of its founders, through this project I wanted to help every participant in the Olympiad no matter if they are competing locally, regionally or nationally and internationally. We are building a complete set of articles which are helpful for the beginners in algorithms but also for those who want to expand their knowledge.

In addition, we will regularly public sets of problems for each level of the competition and also for each grades (9,10,11,12). One or two weeks after each problem was posted the staff will make a complete solution for it (implementation and text). If the user could benefit from the implementation in C/C++ we will write it this way, if not we will provide pseudo code.

Facing problems?

Yes, some. I hope Hackpedia will be up, again, shortly or we will have to postpone the launching. It went down last night. Moreover, in the launch day I don’t think all the articles will be done (6 or 7 will be for us to write in the future). Oh! All the content will be in Romanian. Maybe in the future we will translate some of it in English.

Later edit: Hackpedia is back online. 🙂


Hopefully, this section will help some users become better in algorithms. 🙂

Will be back with updates when we launch!


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