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November 14, 2009 / dranaxum

FM Radio Player

I’m back with a new tool I’ve made. 🙂

FM Radio Player is a small application designed to play radio stations through plugins. This means any coder can extend the program with new radio stations.

Note: Recording works only on the stations which don’t require AAC+ codec.
You can find information about how to create a plugin in the readme.txt file.

Here are some key features of “FM Radio Player”:

· Add to startup
· View last ten songs/shows played
· Record radio station
· View information about songs (including lyrics, youtube link and itunes link)
· Pluginable
· Upload/Download plugins from a centralized server (you must create an account in order to upload)
· Song notification
· Auto update
· Tray icon
· Send feedback


· NET Framework 2.0


For updates just use the option available in the program to check for new versions.
Hope you’ll like it! You can give me feedback here, or just use the feedback feature in the program.

PS: I used C# to code it.


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