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January 23, 2009 / dranaxum

Braincode: Personalized Mass Mailer

As I promised, I am keeping you in touch with Braincode.
We created a new section (Brainshare) where we will put our work which does not have the same level of complexity as the work in the Products section.

The first program posted here, which I developed by the way, is named Personalized Mass Mailer and it’s built in C#. Here is the description:

Personalized Mass Mailer

Personalized Mass Mailer (PMM for short) is a software created with the purpose of one being able to send e-mails, personalized, to many people, without being needed to write to each and every one. In other words: although e-mail services offer one the option to send the same e-mail to various people at once, it doesn’t offer one the option to make it personalized, without the person to see all the addresses one has added to the CC or TO field but, PMM does all of this and more.

Main features:

  • Regular expressions so one can benefit from the full experience of e-mail personalization (see the readme file for more information on how to use it)
  • Add attachment files
  • SSL secure connection
  • HTML e-mail
  • Real-time status visualization of the e-mails which are to be sent.
  • Connect and sign in on the SMTP and test the connection (this is compulsory if one wants to send e-mails)

Note: Add a ; after each written e-mail in the Address textbox!

Download link:
Click here to download Personalized Mass Mailer

Please report any bug encountered!

Later edit: Download link updated. Braincode website is down.

January 8, 2009 / dranaxum

Braincode Website Released

…. it’s here!

After many struggles with writing content, developing software and organizing events … it’s here! Our work published in one single place… the Braincode Team Website.

Click here:

December 31, 2008 / dranaxum

Braincode, BrainIT & Hackpedia

The BrainIT competition is over. Hope that on 5th of January 2009 we will begin sending the prizes throughout the country. Thanks to all our sponsors and parteners and especially to and the Software Developers’ Association (Asociatia Programatorilor de Soft).

I am now looking forward to finishing some projects for Braincode and finally post the website with the help of my team. Although I will be very busy, I won’t forget about BrainIT and I hope Braincode will be able to organize a new edition most probably in the summer of 2009.

What about this blog? I will continue posting some news about Braincode projects and as for the research, tutorials and “mini tools”, please visit the Hackpedia Ethical Hacking and Programming Community where I am one of the administrators (you can use Google Translate on that site). I will think about keeping you up to date with the articles I write for Hackpedia. 🙂

PS: Glad to have Page Rank 3!

December 1, 2008 / dranaxum

BrainIT and the sending of projects phase


Hello again!

It’s the last day of registration for the BrainIT National Contest so hurry up if you want to participate! Last night Bacioiu Ciprian and I worked on setting up and testing the FTP server where the participants will upload their projects so, tonight at 00:00 (+2 GMT) we will get the server going and update the website with new information.

The hard work has started for us, the organizers.

November 10, 2008 / dranaxum

BrainIT National Competition


I have been busy in the last half of the year forming a team of software developers named Braincode (the website hasn’t been finished yet). Our first project is based on education and encourages every Romanian student who develops software or web application to participate in it.

The BrainIT competition (motto: it’s all about imagination) takes part online (we hope that the next edition will take part in a city). You will have to register by 1st of December and add a description of your project. The sending of projects will be between 2nd and 15th of December. Then, we will start the assessment and give the results on 25th of December (for some of you it will be a very happy Christmas).

The website can be accessed here: (if you don’t understand Romanian, you can use Google Translate to view the translated version). You will find there the Criteria, the Schedule, the Awards and so on.

Gook Luck!

PS: Please read the terms and conditions before registering!

Braincode offers you waranty that no member of it will use in any way your projects or ideas.

August 15, 2008 / dranaxum

CV Update

I’ve updated my Curriculum Vitae (CV) : click here because it was approximately an year old. You can also click this link from the About page.

July 27, 2008 / dranaxum

RSS News Alerter

This software is created for the purpose of reading the last news (from the URL-s of the RSS pages).

– XML Archive (maximum 5 posts/site)
– Add, erase, refresh site from/in archive
– Monitor the RSS pages and alert the user within the popup (see the screenshot), the refresh is made after 1 minute
– Add at startup
– Tray icon

You will need .NET framework 2.0 as it is created in C# 2005.

Take note of the fact that the date added in the XML file is the date at which the feed was added in the file and not the real one because some sites do not have the pubDate tag in the RSS active.



Waiting feedback!